Now, more than ever, educational facilities professionals are encouraged to come together to gain knowledge, share experiences and identify ways to stay current with the latest trends and innovations.  Our MD/DC chapter strives to provide our membership with educational programs that meet that goal.  In partnership with APPA and ERAPPA, we want to serve as a resource for our members.  As events, programs and resources become available, we will provide members with information about those opportunities. 

Let APPA, ERAPPA and MD/DC APPA, be your choice for professional development.  


One valuable resource is the ERAPPA and MD/DC APPA scholarship program.  At a time when financial resources for professional development may be limited at your institution or organization, don’t forget there is an opportunity to apply for financial assistance.  Follow this link for information about the ERAPPA scholarship program:  SCHOLARSHIPS .  Applications are accepted between April 1 and September 1 and awardees are announced at the ERAPPA Annual Meeting.  Those applicants not selected for ERAPPA Educational and Credentialing scholarships will be forwarded to the MD/DC APPA Board for consideration for a MD/DC APPA chapter scholarship.  The Chapter awards up to three scholarships and will cover registration for one APPA program (Institute, Academy, Toolkit, and Credentialing Prep Course) and up to $1,000 for qualifying travel expenses. 

MD/DC APPA Meeting Scholarship:

Scholarships will also be awarded to attend a MD/DC APPA Summer program. This scholarship is intended to encourage new MD/DC APPA members. It will be awarded to those who have not previously attended a MD/DC APPA Summer Program, or those who have not attended in the last five years. This scholarship will pay the registration fee for the applicant to attend the Summer Program.

These scholarships will be sponsored by MD/DC APPA business partners. The individual who is awarded the scholarship must receive funding from their respective institution for travel. The scholarship is non-competitive and requires an application and an endorsement from the applicants’ supervisor. Scholarships will be awarded to institutional MD/DC APPA members who submit a completed application until all scholarships are awarded.