MD/DC APPA has a minimum of 3 meetings annually including our Annual Spring, Summer and Fall.  Our main purpose is to educate our constituents keeping current with industry trends, new methodologies, management trends, and to provide networking opportunities for peers and service providers.
The organization seeks speakers from within its membership as well as professional speakers on a variety of projects annually.  In addition the organization provides scholarships to educational institutions allowing successful applicants to attend local Annual Meetings, Regional Meetings and APPA classes that enhance their knowledge base and provide opportunities to expand their resumes.
Other membership benefits include the following:

  • Networking with facilities professionals from MD/DC Educational Insitutions at meetings and events
  • Through our educational sessions and programs you will be kept current with interests, innovations and trends that impact facilities administrators in higher education
  • Please note membership in MD/DC APPA does not entitle you to membership benefits offered by APPA, ERAPPA or any other APPA affiliate.

Existing facilities management professionals say they benefited from the MD/DC APPA Chapter in the following way:

  • Increase your professional network and connections during live meetings in Maryland and the District of Columbia.
  • Earn more money by producing greater results for the institution where you work. Even receive an incentive to advance your own career.
  • Learn faster and do more in less time by implementing the best industry practices used at institutions close by.
  • Learn about available job opportunities in areas you live.
  • Feel satisfaction and be recognized for helping the current and future generations of facilities management professionals.
  • Receive access to additional educational opportunities and publications through ERAPPA & APPA.